Trustfree is an adjective that describes a system with zero counterparty risk. Our market is trustfree because it is able to facilitate trades without ever taking custody of users' funds while simultaneously protecting both buyer and seller from fraud. Additionally, all code and communications are completely transparent and can be verified at any point before or during a transaction.
Currently, we do not make any money. This website is an open source free service. We do not sell or lease any personal information. We do not serve any ads, use any trackers, or monetize our visitors in any way.

The motivation for operating this service is simply the desire to have a free, open, safe, and diverse marketplace where people can trade goods and services for bitcoin.

In the future we may sell enhanced features for sellers who are willing to pay for extra listing functionality and/or more exposure. Right now, our only goal is to provide a thriving marketplace with no strings attached.
Not in the traditional sense, since we do not hold users' funds. Our site helps facilitate the secure transfer of bitcoins through a cryptographic protocol that prevents theft and scamming.
Arbiters never hold any personal interest in either the buyer or seller. They hold interest in the site's well being or are being compensated. Most transactions no intervention will ever be necessary.

We do not tolerate scammers. If you are caught scamming you will be banned, digitaly fingerprinted, and prevented from having any interactinon with this site again whatsoever.
After the seller accepts an order, the Encrypted Chat will become available to both buyer and seller using client-side encryption. It is linked to your Escrow Password and uses very strong encryption with authentication. (AES256 + HMAC-RIPEMD160)

We encourage you to use it to send shipping details and coordinate the transaction. Nobody can read the chat except the buyer and seller after they have entered their escrow password.

The chat encryption key can be released to us by either party for purposes of arbitration. If this happens, the color will change to purple, alerting both parties that the chat is no longer private between the two parties (but it is still encrypted).

Releasing the chat key to us does not in any way compromise the security of the coins held in escrow.
We provided encrypted communication for our users, but we require the use of a communication channel independent of our website for reasons of security, and resiliencey.

Security: Access to our infrastructure would not allow somebody to start scamming people with fake listings.
Resiliencey: If our site were to ever go offline, people could still complete their transactions via email and no bitcoins would be lost.
The price in bitcoin is locked in as soon as both parties accept a transaction. If there is a wild fluctuation in value you will have to start a new transaction.

We do not provide any type of "hedging service" for this.

My Account

We don't implement a password policy for 3 reasons.

1. People hate them.

2. People are capable of deciding the security level they want for their account on our site. It's pretentious to say that your site is SO IMPORTANT that your password must be 10 chars upper/lower + special digit.

3. The user accounts on our site are not what keeps the bitcoins safe. There is a secondary client-side password called the Escrow Password that is used to protect the transaction in escrow and encrypt the secure chat. Getting into the web account does not give you access to any money, conversations, or transactions. This transaction password must be a minimum of 6 characters, is protected by very strong cryptography, and only lasts the duration of the transaction.

Password policies suck. We hate them, and everyone else does too, and in this case they are not needed.
Currently, all accounts can buy and sell. Creating an account is free an requires no personal information besides an email.
There is a password reset page on the login form. If you lose your escrow password, it cannot be recovered (or changed).
Both buyers and sellers are required to leave feedback when they are finished with a transaction. This is used to calculate the score and color seen by each username.

There are two kinds of feedback, buyer feedback and seller feedback. Sellers get to see buyer feedback before accepting the transaction, and buyers get to see the seller's score and feedback on the listing page before buying.

Unlike most sites, buyers have the responsibility of logging in and releasaing funds when they get their order. Seller's do not appreciate waiting for Auto-Release. Buyers are also responsible for using the secure chat (or email) to provide shipping details in a timely manner.

In the same fashion, buyers appreciate fast shipments and accurate descriptions from sellers.

By clicking on a users' name we provide all information about that user (buying, selling, and overall stats) so you can make a decision about making deals with them.
Arbiters are chosen very carefully. they are not allowed to buy or sell (if they have another account, they are not allowed to arbitrate their own account). They can only arbitrate other transactions and make a decision based off the extensive information we collect and the email and chat logs.

If you think you meet the criteria to be an arbiter and would like to contibute please email support.

Keep in mind that a transaction is only eligeable for arbitration if one of the party members is unhappy. Most transactions will not need arbitration and an arbiter cannot "force" their way into any transaction.
Customer's asked to release funds to vendor before they receive the packages should be wary of doing so.

We cannot stop those who want to do it, but it severely limits our ability to help you if something goes wrong and undermines the entire purpose of the site.

Listing items

Listings are active for 365 days from creation, or 182 days from the last successful transaction. Listings can be deleted at any time by the seller.
The price of a listing can be pegged to the currency of your choice, and this price will be converted to BTC at the time of putchase.
Once a seller accepts a transaction the price is locked in.
Prices are determined using the Bitpay and/or Blockchain data feed.
If you would like your buyer to specify some selection such as color or size, you can add a product variation.

This option can be found on a listing page you created under the "Add More" tab.
After creating a listing, select the "Add More" tab to modify your listing.

You can add more pictures and production variations. You can append the description (but you cannot delete what you have already written). You can offer different shipping methods for various amounts.

You can also use the shipping option for product variations that cost different amounts of money.

Escrow usage

Your escrow password cannot be recovered. If you lose it, you will have to close the transaction and release the funds to the other side. If both parties lose their passwords, any funds held in escrow will be lost forever.
When viewing an open transaction, both parties can save the webpage and all javascript code to disk by using (File -> Save in most browsers).

This saved webpage can then be used (even offline!) to assemble the multipart keys and spend your bitcoins. That's why we require transacting parties to share emails.

As long as you save each transaction page to your harddrive, you will still be able to complete your transaction even if our site goes down.

We recommend doing this for high value transactions.
The same way you would spend from a paper wallet.
Simply scan the QR Code of the private key

All of the following clients support paper wallets, please see their websites for instructions: Coinbase, Blockchain, Electrum, MulitBit,, Armory, Mycelium, and more. You can also import it directly into Bitcoin Core by using importprivkey [key] in the console

Soon, you will be able to send to the coins directly from our site to any address of your choosing. However, if you use this method you will have to pay a miner's fee.
Simply click the "Need Our Help?" button on your transaction page and an arbiter will join your chat. When you do this, your chat encryption key will become known to us so we can see what's going on. (This will not give us access to the funds, just the chat)

Any user can release the Encrypted Chat key to us at any time by pressing this button if they need our help, the chat tab will turn purple and the transaction status will change to "Arbitrating". Only Arbiters and Administrators can read the chat - It is still encrypted!

After considering both sides, we will unlock the key for the prevailing party, allowing them to access the bitcoins with their transaction password. Once the matter is resolved, the chat key is deleted and your conversations will remain unreadable by anyone in the future.
If the seller does not mark your order as shipped within 8 days of receiving funds, your money will automatically be refunded to you and you can leave negative feedback the seller (but he can't leave feedback for you)
If the buyer does nothing after you have marked the order as shipped, funds will be Auto-Released to you after 11 days. If the buyer is unhappy, or hasn't gotten his order, he can extend the release date by a maximum of 5 days (It cannot go over 5 days). If he keeps doing it, you will need to contact support so we can arbitrate.

Remember, all account actions like autorelease, release extensions, or failed to deliver are recorded and can be viewed on the user's stats page. So you will be building a reputation on this site.
The session code is simply used to identify the correct escrow transaction over email to help prevent any forgeries.