TrustFree.Market is a non-custodial marketplace that allows users to buy and sell items without having to trust each other, or a third party.

Through the use of browser side cryptography, buyers are able to pay for goods without worrying that the seller will run off with the money, and without trusting a middleman to hold the funds.

Our website coordinates the exchange of multi-part keys among 3 parties using encryption to prevent anyone from knowing all 3 parts until the trade is complete.

Our site does not have the ability to steal or lose your coins, we can only release them to the buyer or seller in the case of a dispute.

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TrustFreeMarket is open source! This project has been released open source in hopes of helping the bitcoin community build safer web applications. If you are interested, please check out the GitHub repo.


List items you wish to sell for bitcoins. Buyers can browse the available listings and request purchase.


Buyer sends bitcoins to a 3-party bitcoin address that cannot be spent from until the buyer releases the funds.


The authorized party can withdraw coins from escrow by importing the Bitcoin Private Key into most wallet software.